De Gales Hus opens at Haugesund Film Festival

De Gales Hus (House of Fools) opens at Haugesund Film Festival August 18th 2008  with the attendance of the Norwegian Crown Prince. "De Gales Hus" is based on the book of Karin Fossum and is a warm story about Aina (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal).


About the film: 


"Aina wants to escape from it all, but the house of fools is not a peaceful place to be. After throwing herself through a shop window, Aina is taken in for treatment. She is forced to join therapy groups, riding lessons and cleansing conversations with those who wish to help her. Especially with Stetson, named after his own hat, who considers it honourable to bring a broken soul back to life. In the house of fools, Aina learns that sheer madness usually makes a lot of sense!"


Visit the homepage of "De Gales Hus" here and you can watch the trailer in the trailer's section.