Rehursing "Fräulen Else"

Ingrid is moving to Berlin this fall to prepare the monologue "Fräulein Else", written by Arthur Schnitzer. The play will open at The Norwegian Theatre in Oslo January 20th 2011. 

Schnitzler was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud, in fact the two men kept a close contact and influenced each other's work. The peculiarity of "Fräulein Else" lies in the unique narrative technique, created by an unravelling, continous flow of thoughts. It is an inner monologue of a nineteen year old girl that suddenly sees herself cast in a situation she cannot solve or escape from. 


Director Cilla Back writes:


"My handwriting as a director is strongly based on choreography and physicality. Through the actor's body, through her gestures and movements, through rhythm and the carefully calculated use of space, I create myself the tools I need, to explore and express the "wound" of a character, the essence of it. Exactly in this perspective, I find as a director, "Fräulein Else" incredibly rich in material. For me this intimate, penetrating inner voice is filled with life movement, rhythms, colors, screams and whispers, forced silences. It is exactly this that I want to bring to life, capture into flesh and blood. "Fräulein Else" is like a violent forceful dance macabre. To direct it means to put not a character on stage, but a soul. 


Ingrid and I worked together in the 2008 production of "Yvonne - Princess of Burgundy" at The Norwegian Theatre. I was amazed by her abilities. I found myself in an extremely rare and blissful resonance with Ingrid's way to express a character; not as much through the written line, as through a very original use of the body and the voice. It has since been my wish to find a mutual project that would offer us the chance to work further on this language we found during the common work on "Yvonne". In "Fräulein Else" we see the perfect opportunity to do just that."



Photo: Ingrid in "Yvonne".