"Untiteled Oren Peli Project" (2012) starts shooting

Ingrid has joined the cast of a new project by producer Oren Peli ("Paranormal Activity"), now shooting in eastern Europe. Jonathan Sadowski, Devin Kelley, Jesse McCartney, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Nathan Phillips and Dimitry Diatchenko is also starring in the film which is to be produced by FilmNation.


Bloody Disgusting reports: 


-Brad Parker will direct the tale of friends who discover they are not alone after they become stranded in a ghost town overrun by nature. The official AFM synopsis goes like this: "A group of friends become stranded in an eerie and desolate city. Years before in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, nature has begun to reclaim everything. As the sun sets on this radioactive ghost town, inhuman cries cut through the night air. It seems they are not alone." 


Oren Peli: "I love my job. I get to work with a talented director like Brad Parker on the kind of scary movie I know I'd happily stand in line to see". 


Producer Brian Witten: "I really couldn't be happier with our cast. We've brought together a group of fresh, talented young actors and they're all getting ready to give us nightmares! In the best possible way!"